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Our business webhosting package is structured for the small to medium sized business. With database webhosting included you can host complex content managed websites.

We include the ability to host web applications like live online help, forums for your visitors, blogs and many more. This webhosting package includes the ability to have an e-commerce web site designed and sell your products online. The cost of database webhosting packages is beyond us and we decided to put something in place so that the small to medium sized business can easily afford having the power of the “big boys”.

Frequently asked questions about this webhosting package:

Q. What is a CMS webhosting package?
A. CMS is an acronym for Content Managed System. It is a webhosting package that has the ability to install software that enable clients to log in and make changes to their websites, install components and add on features.

Q. Do I need web design and programming knowledge to run my own CMS webhosting package?
A. No. We have tested several systems and came up with the most user friendly interface that does not sacrifice features and power at the same time. You get all the tutorials and Documentation from us free of charge. All you need to do is put it together.

Q. Is custom web design separate to this webhosting package.
A. Most definitely. We will install CMS software for you free of charge but customisation done by our web developers would be ordered separately. We have some clients that have the ability to design their own web sites and this is totally accepted but web development is a separate factor all together.

Q. What if I have opted for the software to be installed free of charge, read all the free tutorial files and still can’t seem to build my own web site on this webhosting package?
A. It’s simple. Get our design team to do it for you or order an hours training from us. We have never found our developments to break the bank. Feel free to get a quote from us.

Q. Will I ever need more than this webhosting package when it comes to space and bandwidth?
A. Although this is a large feature rich package you may grow and this is where we allow you the freedom to do so. If limits are reached we will not close the door on you and it is very simple to add on a bit of bandwidth to keep your webhosting as simple and feature rich as possible at very affordable rates.

Q. How is this webhosting packaged charged for? Do I have to put down the full amount for a year or can I pay monthly?
A. You are welcome to pay for a year but we accept monthly debits via our debit order system. We do all of this for you and the process gets easy and automated on your end.

Q. I want a webhosting package where I will be hosting a Blog or Forum type portal. Can I have this done on this package?
A. Most Definitely. We welcome blog hosting.

Q. My web developer needs to develop a Directory type site for me. Will this webhosting package be adequate?
A. We already hosting several large directories and they growing by the day. Yours will enjoy the same attention from us.

Q. Can I have an adult webhosting package from you?
A. No. We do not entertain adult or pornographic material on our servers and therefore manage to keep it clean and legal. Most servers hosting material of this nature is congested due to its nature and we choose to run a professional webhosting service for our clients rather than making a quick sale. Quality webhosting is maintained throughout your stay with us.

Q. I have another webhosting package with ****, and I don’t want to loose the site I have. Can I move my domain onto your server and this webhosting package?
A. We offer a site transfer service and you will not loose your existing website. It is possible to retain this and enjoy our benefits without any risk.

This is why this webhosting package is for you :

  • 700 Meg of Bandwidth per month
  • 300Meg of server space
  • This webhosting package allows for full e-commerce webhosting
  • You may add up to 25 email addresses.
  • Forward your mail to any other webhosting account
  • Set up Auto responders
  • Add up to 5 sub domains
  • Database webhosting
  • Cpanel webhosting interface.
  • Stats – know your visitors and give them what they want
  • PHP supported – get an affordable web developer to develop your site on this webhosting package in a programming language that is used on most large web portals.
  • Backups – Your data is safe with us.
  • Email Virus scanningEmail Spam scanning
  • Technical Support via email
  • Free software
  • Free Tutorials

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