Starter Webhosting Package

Starter Web hosting Package

This package is designed for entry level webhosting. Many businesses choose this package when they starting out. It still has very powerful webhosting features and can provide you with a very strong online web presence.

We have structured this webhosting package to be affordable but we have not compromised features or server reliability. It is hosted on the same reliable servers. This webhosting package and all the other bigger better packages enjoy server uptime, friendly support and simple clean uncomplicated webhosting....every day.

Frequently asked Questions about this webhosting package:

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of pages I have on this webhosting package?
A. No - We do not limit the amount of pages. This package allows for up 300Meg of server space. If your pages are designed properly and graphic optimisation done by your web designer, you should be able to add more than enough pages to your web site.

Q. Will I get my own email access?
A. Yes, the package allows you up to 5 email addresses.

Q. Is this webhosting package going to allow all my visitors into my website or "cut off" because it's the smallest package?
A. We allow for up to 400Meg of traffic on this webhosting package. This is a lot of bandwidth!

Q. How can I utilise this webhosting package without hiring a web design company?
A. Easy - Familiarise yourself with the online website builder that comes standard with this webhosting package by viewing following the tutorials we provide you and you can build your own web site online. No other knowledge needed. No other expensive software to pay for.

Q. What if I have more than 400 Meg traffic to my website for a given month on this webhosting package?
A. No problem - talk to us. Although 400 Meg is a lot of traffic we can simply give you a bit more bandwidth for that month at a very small fee.

Q. Does this webhosting package include web design?
A. Yes it does if you opt in for self design. We provide you the tools and tutorials and you design your own website at NO EXTRA COST.

Why should I order this webhosting package?

  • Web presence - we know that having a website nowadays gives credibility.
  • 5 email addresses
  • Server side anti Virus
  • Server side anti spam scanner
  • 400 Meg Bandwidth per month
  • 300 Meg Server Space
  • Support via email
  • Cpanel access
  • FTP access - 1 account.
  • Domain parking - you can have a domain "parked" for later usage.
  • A built in online web site builder

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