E-commerce & Credit Card Facilities

The real deal! You have seen the power of e-commerce webdesign and you want it!

You know that offering a credit card facility to clients is a good thing and you realized that it will boost sales. The better part – you can sell to anyone in the world. 

The Benefits of this e-commerce webdesign package

  • Start up cost opposed to opening a physical shop
  • Reach a national and international audience
  • Your e-commerce shop is open 24/7
  • Market online – cheaper than printing and reaching more potential clients
  • Collect valuable client information and build a database of clients to resell to.
  • Because it is easy to shop online, clients are more likely to return to your shop


Q. Would I need to apply at the banks for this facility.
A. No. That is only 1 way of doing it. There are ways to use Credit Card Gateways as the merchant account and you need not pay the expensive bank merchant fees per month. 

Q. Will you be able to forward me onto a Credit Card Gateway provider.
A. Yes. We deal only with a trusted provider and use this facility for all our clients. 

Q. Will this webdesign package include all merchant fees?
A. No. The merchant fees is to settled with the provider. We will action them to contact you. 

Q. What if I have less than 20 products?
A. No problem – we can work out a quote for you click here . 

Q. Will this webdesign package have a button to lead to my shopping cart and what would it be like on that page?
A. Our shopping carts are standard like most other carts. It has categories, a product picture and a short description within each category. When you click on an individual product it will have a long description and ability to enlarge the product image. The Buy Now button is below that. 

Q. What format do I need to have the information in for you to be able to put products online.
A. This webdesign package allows for the initial upload of a maximum of 20 products. It has to reach us in the following format : Pictures in jpg format, description and price in any text format, word or notepad or just in the body of an email. Easy….

We have 2 payment options available for this webdesign package : 

R6230 once off and R100 per month webhosting fees - Order Once Off

Easy Terms available: Ask us about this option - Order Easy Terms

Any Questions ? - Contact Us :

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