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Selling products and services online is becoming increasingly popular.Makes sense to while the client is on your web site and interested to close the sale! This is not difficult to figure. 

Clients buy easier when it is convenient. This webdesign package will give you that e-commerce edge!

The Benefits of e-commerce webdesign

  • Start up cost opposed to opening a physical shop
  • Reach a national and international audience
  • our e-commerce shop is open 24/7
  • Market online – cheaper than printing and reaching more potential clients
  • Collect valuable client information and build a database of clients to resell to.
  • Because it is easy to shop online, clients are more likely to return to your shop


Q. Can I sell products online with this type of webdesign package.
A. Yes. Clients will have the ability to place an order and pay for it via EFT.

Q. Do I need to have a merchant account (Credit Card Gateway)
A. No. This is specifically designed for the client that does not want to go the Credit Card Gateway route and still sell online. It’s a simple process. Clients order, get your bank details and pay for their products.

Q. How many products does this webdesign package allow for?
A. A maximum of 20. If any more is required – get a quote from us.

Q. How would I know when an order is placed.
A. An order confirmation is automatically mailed to you and the visitor that placed the order. webdesign and e-commerce is built on state of the art software. Its has most features covered. 

We have 2 payment options available for this webdesign package

R4900 once off and R100 per month web hosting fees - Order Once Off

Easy Terms available: Ask us about this Option - Order Easy Terms

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