Web design 10 Pager

Your Company needs an online presence. You need more than just basic webdesign.
You have a couple of products to showcase. This webdesign package caters for 10 Content pages!

Content pages can contain anything from services right through to Company profiles.

Benefits of this webdesign package

  • The best marketing worldwide ! WWW exposure 24/7.
  • Your advertising can never again end up in some dustbin and it’s always accessible.
  • Don't let the online world leave you looking like you are less worthy.
  • Become that 1st class organisation you need to be in South Africa, survival of the fittest still counts! Every successful business owns a web site.
  • How else would you get that mail ordering your products or services?
  • 5 x e-mail accounts.
  • Enable your business now! Have plans to one day sell your services or products to the world? Hosting is done on state of the art secure and reliable servers, the possibility to expand to a full-blown e-commerce web site is already in place.
  • Benefit your own pocket. You get your Web design done correctly the 1st time round. Web deign is done with graphics optimisation in mind, and done correctly for SEO purposes.
  • You save even more money because the Graphics designed by us and used in your web design, could also be utilised for your Logos, Letterheads, and business cards.
  • Look better - Your corporate identity is enhanced by having a web site.
  • Be seen! - Do you only want a certain amount of potential clients to access your web site?

Q. How big is 1 page allowed to be ?
A. Plus minus the size of 2 pages in a Word Document. We would always advice not to make visitors scroll too much and found this to be a happy medium.

Q. With this webdesign package – how many pictures am I allowed to have ?
A. 5 per page which amounts to a maximum of 50.

Q. How do I size my pictures ?
A. Easy – put them in a mail and we do it for you – all included in this webdesign package.

There are 2 payment options we offer :

R4900 once off and R100 per month webhosting fees - Order once off
Easy Terms available : R317 per month (this includes monthly web hosting fees) - Order Easy Terms

Any Questions ? - Contact Us :

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