Domain Name Registration


  • Domain names are getting harder to obtain and it is important to get yours while its available
  • Registering A Domain name gives you credibility
  • Be professional and have your email address the same as your Domain name
  • Its not enough to simply have a Social Media Page - Registering a domain name is step one in having a credible web identity
  • Get better Search Engine rank with a credible domain name


Domain names should be as short as possible, easy to remember and preferably be relevant to what you do.

Does my domain name need to be my Company Name? No - in fact it may be better to choose a more relevant domain name… Example : Who is AAA Enterprises anyway? What do they do? But if AAA Enterprises’ main product is Online Marketing, they should think of Registering a domain name like onlinemarketing.co.za.

How much?

Domain name registration for South African domain names are very affordable from R80 - R100 per year. Do a search with our Domain Name Lookup tool to get the latest rates














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