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Affiliate Program

Here at SynnCom we offer you an ABSOLUTELY FREE  program to earn money online : 

  • No sign up fees
  • No contracts binding you for any time periods
  • Totally Risk Free

Who can join the affiliate program?
If you are a hard working individual looking for an extra income then this affiliate program is for you.

How much can I earn money?


How much money can I earn?
Depending on the package your referred client choses you can earn between R200-R350 per web design referral and between R5 – R29 per month for every hosting client you referred. 

How does it work?
We have an affiliate control panel where you will log in to get your unique affiliate referral code, you will use this code to refer clients to our website where they will place an order and when we have confirmed the order and payment is received from your client your commission status will be updated with the commission amount.

What if my referred client doesn’t order through the website?
No problem, let us know and we will do the Order manually on behalf of the client and assign the sale to you and you will still get your affiliate commision.

How do I get started?
Follow these easy steps to register as an affiliate and get started immediately.
1. Click this link to register an account with us: http://www.webdesign-hosting.co.za
2. Once you are on this page you will see an account button top right of the page, click on the drop down option “Register”.

3. Fill in the registration form with all your details. 
Important: At the bottom of the form you will see “I want to sign up as an affiliate!” Click the drop down and click on “Yes please”.

When you have read and understand the terms and conditions tick the box and then click on the green “Register” button.

4. After clicking on the green “Register" Button you will be directed to the page where you can go into your affiliate dashboard.
5. You can go to your affiliate dashboard by clicking on the red affiliate button or by clicking on the affiliate button side bar on the left.

6. After clicking on either of the above explained affiliate buttons,you will be directed to a page where you need to activate your account by clicking on the "Activate Affiliate Account" button. 

You will then be directed to your Affiliate Dashboard.
Here you can see your unique affiliate link that you will use for referring clients. 
You will also see your commission amounts and a button for a withdrawal request for your commission. Lower down on the page you will also see a list of all the active clients that you have referred.


How do I use the banners with my affiliate link to advertise and get my commission?

It is very important that you use your affiliate link (obtained from our system as above)

Step 1:

*Right click on the banner image and Save Image As.*


Banner 1  (For Blogs & Email Signatures)


Banner 2 (For Pinterest)


Banner 3 (Skyscraper)


Banner 4 (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)



It is very important that you use your affiliate link (obtained from our system as above) togther with any of the Banners above.

Example - Lets say you want to do a Facebook post to all your friends... You would upload the Banner Image above for Facebook and use your unique affiliate id in the post. Your affiliate link will look something like : http://www.webdesign-hosting.co.za/aff.php?aff=(yournumber)


That Easy! The same method can be used on ANY Social networking platform such as Pinterest, Twitter, Google+,via email, Newsletters, Blogs & on your own web site if you have one.

As long as the user clicks on your Affiliate link we will be able to track your Affiliate referrals.

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